Julie P.


Dr Short is the best chiropractor I have ever been to! I have been using Chiropractic care off and on for over 10 years and I’ve seen a lot of improvements working with him. Overall I maintain a healthy lifestyle but I suffer from neck, back tension, headaches, and allergies.....

He has been able to improve all of these issues for me. I am barely in pain anymore. I used to beg my friends for neck and back massages bc of how tender and sore my muscles were.

He will also make you feel cared for. I have been to about 3 or 4 chiropractors in my lifetime, and Dr. Short is by far the best at adjustments. He actually reassesses you briefly every time you come in and makes the necessary adjustments. He doesn't just do the same adjustment and go through the motions every time like other chiropractors I've gone to. He actually remembers your progress and re checks where you're at every time. Chiropractic is his art form and he has refined it and continues to train and refine his skills.

I highly recommend Dr Short to anyone experiencing pain or just wanting to improve a healthy lifestyle.

Jake H.


Dr. Short is invested in your entire health, which is what separates him from other doctors. He goes into detail about what he is doing and why he is doing it, so you can fully understand his practice and techniques. Not only do I always feel physically better after being adjusted, but I also find clarity in other areas of my life after leaving his office. The staff are super friendly and the place makes you feel comfortable and at home.

Linda F.


Dr. Short has been an unexpected life changing instrument in my life. A year ago this week I went to see him for an evaluation after hearing him speak at a wellness event. I went with no expectations and no idea what he might be able to help me with. I’d seen various doctors and physical therapists for years about many maladies including aches and pains in my back, hip, and feet, severe edema in my legs and feet, depression and these headaches that plagued me everyday. I didn’t sleep well and needed Motrin every day and an energy drink every day to self medicate and get me through each day. Never over all the years did my primary care docs suggest I see a chiropractor nor did my insurance cover such care. I guess because of those factors it never really crossed my mind that I should take it upon myself to seek out alternative treatment options. I really was having to try and come to grips emotionally with this pain being something I’d need to accept for the rest of my life. The doctors would say it was just arthritis and I should just lose some weight and it would get better even though I kept telling them that the pain and problems came before the weight gain. So, since Dr Short had offered a discounted evaluation and adjustment for those that had been attendance for his talk, I thought “What the heck, It might be interesting to hear what he has to say”. Dr Short had me provide him a full health history and then after that we transposed the symptoms and problems I had onto a chart that shows the spinal column and the various nerve functions that support the various parts of our body. It was a real eye opener that the problems I had all grouped themselves into three specific zones. From that Dr Short did a couple adjustments on my back and then did two adjustments on my neck. These last two adjustments had a profound immediate change for me so much so that I was in complete astonishment and asked him, What In the world did you just do?!” At that moment my headache left me and I felt a rush of goodness flow to my brain. I was in tears of joy for I hadn’t felt that headache relief in over 10-15 years. Since that day I’ve never needed the daily Motrin nor the energy drink to get me through the day, the insomnia has left me and I sleep sooo much better now. On top of that he has since been able to unlock a stubborn hip that’s been out if wack since childhood and was always a factor in me not being able to run properly without pain for days after. I now can walk and do a little jog without hip pain and can feel my posture is so much improved. And that’s what happens when I just opened myself up and tried something new and different. My life has changed for the better in so many ways and Dr Short has been the key to it all. Thank you Dr. Short for being a blessing in my life.

Michelle B.

Dr. Short has been taking care of me & my husband for many years & we can't say enough great things about him.  Not only is he a great adjuster but he is kind & really cares about his patients. .  His great attitude & smile is infectious.  You can't leave his office without feeling great & having a extra dose of his energy to last you through the day.  We drive  from East County to see him because he is truly worth the drive.  Thanks, Dr. Short for giving us the gift of health!