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Dr. Short with Dr. Jeff Spencer Dr. Short was able to meet and consult with

Lance Armstrong's Chiropractor Dr . Jeff Spencer 

in San Diego in March of 2009.  Dr Jeff brought many

new tools to chiropractic and shared them with a core 

group of DC's. 


Dr. Short with Dr. Jeff Spencer I was suffering  with chronic problems like tendinitis in my right arm for more than a year. I was given anti-inflamatories, pain killers, and local ointments and basically was a temporary solution. I even tried several doctors with the same temporary results. The medications gave me secondary reactions, mostly my stomach. A friend referred me to Dr Short and by the 2nd month, my arm pain was completely gone! Chiropractic even helped my energy during the day. I sleep much better and also feel stronger because my posture has changed too. I really wasn't expecting those results and did not know until I compared myself the way I was 4 months before.

- Horacio A.

I came to Dr Short because I was not able to do anything that was physically demanding. I don't take drugs so conventional treatment was not an option for me. Since I have been coming to T.E.A.M. Chiropractic, I can participate in sports again like skiing, working out at the gym, and karate. Chiropractic has definitely helped me.

- Scott & Melissa Currey

I was suffering from lower back pain and my right leg would hurt every step.  I work in a chemistry lab and I'm on my feet a lot. I had never been to a Chiropractor before, but I saw Dr. Short's sign and decided to get checked.  Now my pain is gone and my posture, which I had been struggling with my whole life, is much better thanks to Dr Short and Team Chiropractic.

- Steve L

I've had migraine headaches since the age of 6 and many traumas along the way. The last car accident sent me to a surgeon. I did not take his advice and went to a chiropractor instead. I've been getting adjusted since 1996 - no more headaches and no surgery. I could not live my life the same without the benefits of chiropractic care...and I never want to try!

- Darlene Smith

The Bautista Family all participating in Wellness Care - Armando has only been under care for a couple months and has recently noticed improvements with sinuses, headaches, and dryness of his eyes for which he only used eye drops for. Since getting adjusted he's noticed he doesn't need the drops now. William the oldest son has had improvement with his posture and has better focus his school work. 


We met Dr. Short and his family while on vacation and then came in the office. I sought other treatment through physicians and medications.  The results of the other treatment were constant fatigue and became expensive. I was taking ephedra and lexipro.  I am so happy to be off the medication and I have lots more energy too! I even lost 20 lbs and we both rarely get sick. A big thank you to Chiropractic. We look forward to starting a healthy family!

I first came to Dr Short for neck pain. I was seeking out other treatment that only treated my symptoms and the results were very temporary while they masked the symptoms and did not get to the underlying cause. While I was taking medication only occaisionally, I knew there was a better answer. Chiropractic care has helped and I feel great...I then brought my son to get checked after Dr Short spoke at a school presentation to the kids on spinal health.

Dr. Short with Dr. shortr One of our most recent practice members won the San Diego Chargers bike drawing as part of our "Patient Appreciation Week that took place after labor day. Jerrin  has been a great supporter of Chiropractic and had great results following a motor accident.

The Thomas's also were in a car accident and have achieved excellent results with our Chiropractic Team...congratulations on winning the "Roy's" gift certificate...hope you enjoy it!

Our Chiropractic Miracle Practice Members Karen & Michael DeMarco- Michael has been a Paralympic Swimmer and a practice member for 22 years. Michael competed in the Athens, Beijing, & England Olympics. Karen & Michael are celebrating their 11th Wedding Anniversary this year.  Karen has and is making remarkable progress in recovery from 2 surgeries to correct a shunt that moves the CSF(cerebral spinal fluid) from the brains ventricles. She has an amazing positive attitude and is one of the most grateful people I know. In her words, "I believe that without chiropractic care I wouldn't definitely be this way this soon after surgery"


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